This simple 2-minutes video reveals just a tip of what the KSE Network is about. Imagine what you stand to enjoy by becoming a member.

A letter from the LEAD FACILITATOR

Hello there!
Welcome to the KSE side of life!
Explore a world of limitless opportunities and rare privileges via the variety of platforms and services the KSE Network offers. Joining this network is the first step in a journey that would bring you into the cohort of some of Africa’s most inspiring and iconic minds where you can access private opportunities locally and internationally including job openings, professional workshops, private sessions with leading egg-heads in various industries across the globe, access to powerful and influential networks, privileged access to VIP events, goods and services that otherwise would cost a lot more among others.

We are all about personal development, networking and career/business advancement. We are committed more than ever, to ensuring increased productivity, efficiency, expansion of business/career networks, business and career growth, acquisition of soft skill-sets and access to resources and opportunities among Kaysers which will set us apart locally and internationally.

The KSE Network is where you separate yourself from the crowd as you enjoy privileges and pleasures only reserved for those who understand the essence of powerful networks and professional knowledge. You too can become a Kayser, and you should by clicking the JOIN button below.


The KSE Network is hinged on three fundamental areas:


An investment in knowledge pays the best interest. Knowledge is power and so we are dedicated to providing you with relevant and up-to-date information, platforms and opportunities that will enrich and expand your knowledge base and keep you ahead of others in your career and business. 


‘Skill’ they say ‘is better than strength’ the more we give importance to skill development, the more competent and efficient we become. Developing one’s skill is like going to the battlefield with the guarantee of winning. Read more...


At KSE Network, we see challenges as food which helps us to grow and we achieve this by networking with others. We bring in distinguished professionals to our events, link members with powerful and influential networks Read more...

what you stand to enjoy as a Kayser (member)

  • 1 year free access to all KSE workshops/trainings/conferences
  • Access to powerful and influential networks.
  • Private sessions with egg heads of various industries.
  • Access to local and international job and scholarship opportunities.
  • Acquisition of professional knowledge and resources as well as current trends in the corporate business world.
  • Access to VIP events and parties.
  • Mentorship with top professionals.
  • Subsidized rates for other professional workshops/trainings/resources and services (travels, social media campaigns etc)
  • And lots more

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