The Knowledge Skills and Entrepreneurship (KSE) Network is a community of professionals, intellectuals, eggheads and key players in Africa and the diaspora from various professions, who seek to grow their knowledge base, build productive relationships, acquire highly sought-after soft skills, socialize and expand their business and career networks to enhance and achieve set personal, business and career aspirations via access to the numerous opportunities the KSE Network provides.

The focus of this network is self-development, networking as well as business and career advancement. At KSE network, we organize world-class seminars, conferences and workshops with leading and award-winning speakers deliberately selected from across the globe who share and update our members on latest trends and information in the corporate and business world. We also ensure our members have limitless access to local and international job openings, scholarships, trainings, conferences, travels, resources, yes! parties and other opportunities which will avail members’ careers and business prospects


To ensure for career and business advancement of members via professional platforms, networks, resources and opportunities that engender self-development, productivity and growth.

Just like our name, we represent everything Knowledge, Skills and Enterprise


An investment in knowledge pays the best interest. Knowledge is power and so we are dedicated to providing you with relevant and up-to-date information, platforms and opportunities that will enrich and expand your knowledge base and keep you ahead of others in your career and business.


‘Skills’ they say ‘is better than strength’ the more we give importance to skill development, the more competent and efficient we become. Developing one’s skill is like going to the battlefield with the guarantee of winning. Therefore, the KSE Network provides avenues for you to sharpen, develop, and improve soft skills that will stand you out in your field locally and internationally via our workshops and event.


At KSE Network, we see challenges as food which helps us to grow and we achieve this by networking with others. We bring in distinguished professionals to our events, link members with powerful and influential networks, liaise with organizations to ensure members’ access raw materials, products and other opportunities at subsidized rates. We bring creativity, originality and innovation to fore in all we do and provide innovative ideas and solutions to solve individual and organizational problems thereby providing results that are timely, effective and excellent.