What is KSE Network all about?

KSE stands for Knowledge Skills and Entrepreneurship. The KSE Network is a cohort of professionals in Africa and the diaspora who are interested in acquiring professional and business knowledge and skills, access influential networks, resources, platforms and opportunities to advance their businesses and careers. The KSE Network is all about Knowledge, Networking and Career/Business Advancement.

Who are Kaysers?

Members of the KSE Network are usually referred to as ‘Kaysers.’

What do I stand to enjoy by joining the KSE Network?

By joining the KSE Network, you get to enjoy free access to all our events – workshops, conferences, seminars, training, firsthand information on local and international scholarships, job opportunities, VIP events, access to top players in various industries, one-on-one sessions with facilitators and other rare privileges.

How can I become a member?

Click on the JOIN button. Fill in your details and pay the sum of N10, 000 (local) and $25 (International) which covers you for a year.

Does the KSE Network also allow for organization membership?

Yes, private and public organizations are welcome to enrol their employees into the network via our organization membership package. The package varies and it is determined by the size of employees enrolled.

Does the fee cover me for 12 months counting from the date of payment?

Yes, both organization and the individual membership fee is for a year. It starts counting from the date of payment and expires at about the same time the following year.

Can one pay for more than one year?

Yes, that is possible depending on the agreement with the network.

Is the fee renewable or a one-time payment?

The fee is renewable every year (12 months) after the expiration of the previous subscription.

What are the key areas of KSE workshops?

All KSE events are centred around building knowledge on productivity, self-development, soft skill-sets, personal and career/business growth; networking with powerful and influential people and accessing opportunities/platforms to excel and achieve set goals.

As a member, how will I know when there is an upcoming event?

We send out emails to all our members when we have an upcoming event and also encourage our members to follow us on social media as these pieces of information are also posted there to keep members and potential members up-to-date on KSE Network activities.

How can I get in touch with the KSE Network?

You can visit our office at 118B, Association Way, Dolphin Estate, Ikoyi, Lagos or call us on 08129858519 or send us an email at or send us a direct message on any of our social media platform @KSENetwork (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn).